Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Magic Mike is coming NOHO*TUESDAY

I wish you could bottle this air.
Since you cannot, you'll just have to stop by. Rosemary.


                             SAD IN THE NOHO-reasons
    Monday Night in the NOHO. It's officially been noted that yesterday I was having an odd night. I debated about what to do and decided that I needed to go to bed, and give it a rest. I was feeling a little blue, a little lonely and nostalgic. I just finished watching a romantic comedy movie that got my mind wandering in the land of romance and I could not manage to pull myself out of there. I haven't been given to fantasize about romance in a while and as fun and emotionally consuming as that is, it gets one nowhere, so I have been too preoccupied, thankfully. That is until last night. I had a couple of other things going on as well. So my night was rough and I woke up tense as a robot rusted with arthritis, if that was possible. It was an intense night filled with dreams and visits. Odd. In any event I have some things that have come up, personal things, and they have to be dealt with. I just decided that is what needs to happen. Some people who do not like dealing with personal things will become upset and I am preparing for that. That is another reason I may have had a terrible night. I have been having great sleep for the last month, so maybe one bad night is okay. NEXT TIME, I'll choose to watch the robot movie, again. I love robots.

 How was your guys' MONDAY?.

 It looks like this is the year for TATUM CHANNING. Good for him. He looks happy enough with his pretty girl at his side and that dog I keep hearing about. YAY!


                                                MAGIC MIKE on EW

Yes this movie looks cheesy, with the cheesiest of posters ever made for a movie to go with it. Seriously. The subject matter guarantees it will have terrible numbers, but it looks like so much fun on the promos. Like Coyote Ugly all over again. Remember that one? I am so ready. PS I will be disguised, and maybe more than once if its as fun as I think it will be.

                                 ANY NEWS ON THE CHANNING TATUM CHANEL??
                                                  ALL CHANNING ALL THE TIME.


True Blood -what do you guys think? was there too much going on? was everyone on the show having their own storyline? and that is more than enough story? Or did you love all of it. I fall into the latter. From the first bad accent pronounced on that show, I was in hook line and sinker. It can never really be a stinker for me. It's to fantastical. Although the Pig/nesting-shape shifter/Minotaur/she-god from two seasons ago almost made me think twice about how terrible is too terrible, and she was a terrible villain. 



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