Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome 2012

    What the heck is going on people? Take a breather and try not to make everything happen all at once so you don't burn yourself out along with you resolutions.
    what works for me, see, I try to divide my time between all the people that I really dig and make me happy, even if they may not be so happy themselves, (you know who I'm talking about and I still love you, you'll get better just you wait and see). Sometimes my schedule doesn't allow. When work gets too crazy sometimes all I can do is make some phone calls and touch base, cause I'm a little grouchy to be around. With a little bit of persistence friends and family can be enjoyed. I does take a little work, but it's nothing compared to the rewards. These people can see things that I'm too close to notice. They can help me take the focus off of something and redirect it when I'm at wits end with obsessing. I help them when they need to paint their house or move, so that that task is lightened if I ever have to do it. That is just what friends do. That is why I love making them laugh. I love seeing them happy. They make me happy, it's a back and forth.
    I was a bit of a solitary adult for a long time. I didn't like to ask for things, like help or answers. I felt I should come up with the answer on my own and figure things out on my own just like I had always done. I came from a larger family always competing for attention. Many times left to you're own devices you get used to doing things for yourself; good for some things, I suppose. I came to believe that asking for things and being unable to do them on my own made me weaker. I come to find I couldn't be more wronger. I've never been stronger as when I don't have to reinvent the wheel every time I need one. I can just buy one or borrow one from somebody I know. I then have time for other things, including buying lunch for the lender and catching up.
    I didn't feel I was unhappy before, I just thought that's the way my personality was, grouchier than most. Why I decided to become happy is very important and I'd love to delve into that at some point here, let me know If that would be of interest. I found the proof that I was happier when I found myself telling people phrases that had been told to me before. Phrases like: relax, it's just a _____, don't you smile? Get a job you like, 'cause you clearly don't like it here. Look at the positive side.Somebody has a case of the Mondays!!!(that last one nobody ever told me, but I sure do love saying it to whomever does have a serious case). So for this moment, let's quiet everything down long enough to remind us that we can do anything we want, including being happy.
    Get some rest for now, because I gotta do some research on my 18th favorite thing: birds!! more on that later including how it got to be no. 18.

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