Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Week

New week. New great news.
We'll see if anybody wins the lottery this week. I understand you have to play to win, so there you go. You must partake in whatever it is you want to win at, one step at a time, we'll get us there.
    I hope you guys have been enjoying the movies I've posted and have been getting nothing but good news. I know I've gotten great news from every angle and now I have to wonder what the heck am I going to wear while on vacation. Should I wear something revealing to show what I got, or go discreet. Also maybe I'll meet somebody.
    Maybe I will meet someone in that part of the world, at just the right time. We'll exchange hidden glances and pretend not to notice, but try to double check to see if the other one is interested. We'll have so much in common my chest will find breathing difficult, but lucky for me I've ordered a beer, and now I've got something for my hands to busy themselves with so they don't go all over the place like scared quails...

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