Wednesday, January 11, 2012



    I've had a lifelong curiosity about birds. I'm amazed at their obvious superb abilities for flight. The spiraling, the downward plunge following the apparent hovering. The effortless gliding through wind.The in flight attacks done by smaller more agile birds on the larger predatory birds. The maniacal mid air twirling done by some pigeons. The fluttering sound of invisible wings on the jeweled humming birds. Coming face to face with a bird not seen often up close, because it wants shelter or water or food, is startling to both of you for sure.If you've ever been hounded by the nesting mocking bird, you will not soon forget their bomber air raids of terror, amazing creatures.
    I like that they are not readily available unless you keep them caged up, and that's not the same for me. They are not cats or dogs that you can pet whenever you like. They're reminders of nature even in the most concrete of jungles. They have no wall that man can build that they will not naturally fly over or nest on. That's just how they do things.I'm in California and our state bird is The Valley Quail.
    I've seen this bird or almost seen this bird (they're so fast, they run more than fly, though they can fly very well), in their natural habitat. They seem mysterious in that they don't really stand around like other birds on a perch. If they know you saw them they're off. This makes me want to know more of course. Their beautiful animals. You can buy them or their eggs in some stores. I wish I could have them running around my apt. like puppies, so cute. They would serve to terrify visitors to and be a great conversation piece, better that talking about new phone aps, right? Maybe they could help me fetch my clothes when I can't find something: " quaily, quaily. Good girls"


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