Saturday, January 14, 2012


Jan13, 2012
    I've been putting off sorting clothes and separating it by sizes. I own clothes that do not fit me. Some clothes I recently bought and I really liked, and haven't worn much. So sad. I need room for bigger clothes. Not happy about buying that, and  things that don't have use, should be stored, if not tossed. We'll revisit in a while and see where we stand. Size-wise. Luckily, I'm not big on trends and most of my clothes doesn't have a short shelf life (Except two things: my jeweled and distressed European cut jeans, and darn pedal-pushers for men  were  just too good to be true, my calves have never looked better!-maybe next season).
     Health news: I'd been feeling like I could never catch up with my sleep. And all I really wanted more that anything was to sleep some more. My eyes always heavy and tired, until after noon. It's funny I've been so busy I didn't think anything of it. I just thought I needed to get some good sleep. I got plenty of it in the process. Turns out, some medicine might do the trick.I found that I'd need to take some medication and I might be good as new, maybe gooder. Today was the first day I haven't felt tired when waking up. I feel ready for the world.
    Two days ago, I posted about my secret love affair: birds. I forgot to mention my unfailing admiration of the keeper of their future. Their nests. I find myself at a loss for words when trying to describe their variances, and genius design that can only come from years and years of evolving. The closest to describing them is pointing out that their nests are now regularly available at craft stores, artificially, of course. The decorative birdhouse industry boomed out here in California, helped by my purchases mainly, I'm sure.People build birdhouses to lure birds and their nests. I have multiple styles of both; birdhouses and nests. around my place. Can't get enough of the little suckers. There's only so many you can put out before people start to wonder...

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