Tuesday, January 17, 2012



WOW.  What a weekend so many parties, so many birthdays.
Seriously fellas: Never miss out on an opportunity to have people celebrate you. You give people an excuse to buy cake and pop or soda and adult beverages if so inclined. You can raise your self esteem, it only comes around once a year. It's a great chance to see how much people care.  How good your life is. How, if given the chance, people want to show you how they like you. The key (and OH yes, there is a key) is: You have to give people a chance. My pet peeve is people expecting other people to know when their magical day of busting out into this world with rainbows and sparklers was. People are very busy trying to get laid and getting the mostest HDest television on the market to remember everybody they like and when they were born. People are trying to look like they make more than they do, and that is a lot of work.  I have no such illusion.I'm happy to remember what I had for lunch yesterday ( by the way, it was EVERYING-HA). Heck my birthday comes around, weeks in advance, I don't wait for people to remember and fit some last minute get together or arrange for a last minute surprise party they don't want to give you. I tell EVERYBODY. And keep telling them. It may not work the first time or even the first year. Some people think or remember you don't or didn't like to celebrate yourself. Things change it's okay, just remind them that there's always a next year. Some people don't wanna be part of a party but that doesn't mean they don't like you. Some people might make cards to show appreciation, that counts. Hugs, that counts. Others might bake, or some may want to be the center of attention at planning your big surprise party, that counts. Take it all. People like you, just give them the chance to show you.
    DO NOT: tell people the day after your birthday about your lack of celebrations and cheer. If you didn't allow for the opportunity to party, you cannot begrudge the lack of merriment.
    Honestly, my one recommendation to all?-you have to like yourself first, man. It sounds so easy and dumb, I know. Give yourself a break, you do if for others all the time, do it for you. If sometimes you forget or maybe right now you don't really like yourself or your station in life, let other people show you how much you mean to them. If you don't like to be celebrated or you feel it's wrong. If you've been made to feel that men don't do make a big deal about themselves or you don't like to be the center of attention... get over it. THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU (although it may be your birthday). IT'S ABOUT EVERYONE AROUND YOU GETTING TO PICK HOW THEY WANT TO HONOR YOU.  But seriously nothing picks you up more or motivates you more than having people get together in your honor. It's what people do. It's what we've done for people we like. I enjoy ,myself so much just hanging out with people I love and like to be around if it was my birthday and I was getting presents well then...all the fuckin' better. Got it?

May you get all you want this year. As long as it's within reason and allowed by the state of California (just kidding)


 Birthday bingo parties???
 Score!!!     I won.


                                        Birthday Cake???
                                      anytime      anywhere       

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