Monday, January 16, 2012

Capricorns everywhere I turn this time of year

    January parties and Capricorn birthdays going off like crazy. Last night another party took its place in history and was delishus to boot, with catering taco truck and all the tacos you could gobble up in three hours. Hot Hot Habanero sauce and not as hot, kicking red chile sauce. Grilled onions and veggies, to serve on side. I got emotionally burned by some grilled jalapenos, damn you jalapenos! I trusted you!! never again... until it happens again (grin). What party can begin without the obligatory SHOTS, for those who indulge in straight up raw wackiness. I like mine mellow and later in the goings-on. I've gotta build up to wackiness. No Axel Roses in this karaoke kids, sorry. This was a Vicente Fernandez gig. I bet you didn't know Vicente Fernandez could do the serpentine dance like nobody's business, though.
    One more party to attend this weekend. I hear there will be cake. I'm so there...

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