Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh Hollywood

    I love that not a lot of people know that I was one of the first California contestants and winners of what is now Toddlers And Tiaras . I  would hate to doubt whether people loved me for my personality or my showbiz connections.
       I gained weight last year, peeps. I'm fine with it. It's just weird having spent so much time trying to get bigger, with no results, and suddenly to gain steadily. Really I'm cool with it. except my clothes hurt. The shirts I sleep in don't fit me when I wake up. I've had to buy a couple of sizes up in pants, and I can't wear some things at all. I did not make  a resolution to loose it, just redirect it ( to the TRUNK!!! mainly HA!)
    I don't know why someone would say anything is the best of the year when it's barely the middle of January. As in the Best movie of the year. The best performance of the year. Give it a rest, Hollywood.
    Speaking of Hollywood movies of the year, I can't find anyone who saw War Horse, the Spielberg movie. I know I'm not watching it, I was hoping to find someone who could kill my curiosity about it. I don't want to know that it's the best horse acting of 2011, Hollywood.
    I must clear up that I don't actually have a list of my all time favorite things. That birds are in fact not no. 18 on that list (if such a list existed). I can't even list my favorite movies or cd's (too many to list). I do like writing about stuff that interests me. I don't know what that will be, alright? I do like nature, plants, animals, birds,  food, sex, tight underwear, so... who knows? ...you know, I don't know...

    Are you with me? just pass me my pants, please. They're new.

    Nick is like a flower , a delicate chubby flower who hates himself- THE NEW GIRL

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