Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Free advice

Did you know you can watch free movies on your computer?
-Well you can. YOUTUBE is not just for posting your kitten videos (though we do love those). Sometimes you can find full movies that you genuinely want to watch and enjoy for free. Some of us can't afford the ridiculous prices of cable. Cable can be so expensive and with their politics they pick and chose why some channels are free and some get bundled in with a different price package. I shouldn't have to request the HISTORY channel. I don't want to pay extra because of politics.
   In the past couple of years YOUTUBE has become a very creative field. It is up to the viewer and the poster to negotiate what they want to see and show. The key as a viewer is the phrasing when typing in your search. Pay attention to such words as: audio only, remix. HD quality. Also if you find you like the uploads of a particular poster (his choice of music, video, sketches), sign yourself up for his/her updates.Some have channels you may want to subscribe to.
    Mess around a bit just be sure to allow yourself a specified amount of time or you may find yourself falling into the never ending hole of video links. One video leads to another, leads to another. Before you know it it's hours later. Enjoy.

 I'd like to share with people things that they may benefit from. I hate it when people don't share something that can be of interest to their friends and people they like. I like you guys. I like all of you. What I am going to do is let you know things that I think are interesting or you may benefit from. This is a perfect format since I do this blog as a form of exercise, It's like I'm talking myself into doing something, or psyching myself up for a big award I'm about to receive. Oh it's coming alright, you ready? Let's do it.

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