Sunday, January 25, 2015


Guess what day it is today? SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAAAAY. That is correct. I have been running slower than usual this past week. I will not feel guilty about the things I didn't get done, even though they were important. Such is life. Live it. Love it. Funny thing I don't feel guilty, my recent go-to/default emotion is anger. I feel anger if I don't get things done, as if that emotion gets things done quicker. It does not. It does allow me to blame something, anything or anyone in front of me instead of accepting my limits as a human being under the effects of a slight cold. Ah how convenient a distraction. I will just sit this out until I am better. With my limitations accepted and my ego sligjtly bruised. It is a new day and a new week is coming but it's nothing if our health (physical and mental) is not attended. I will rest and drink plenty of water and orange juice. Woot woot-manwasIdrunk.


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