Saturday, January 31, 2015


hey hey hey my little chimichangos!! long time no speak. Last night it rained, for reals tho. It was supposed to continue today Saturday. It didn't. Today was BEAUTIFUL. I was walking around in a good mood, enjoying the weather like no ones business. Fellas, I have been trying to keep hydrated while I've been a little under the weather, these past couple of weeks. The problem seemed to be that I didn't want to eat anything really. That includes water. So today I began drinking water like I initially began my current water drinking regiment: like it or not. And it worked, I got a little bit over a half gallon of water in me to make up for all the sweating I've been experiencing. I  am almost done with TALE OF THE BODY THIEF. I don't want to be over it just yet so I have slowed down the reading. I remember the same thing happened the last time I read TALE OF THE BODY THIEF as I was slowing down the pace...funny. manwasIdrunk

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