Tuesday, January 6, 2015


  Hello my friends on the interwebs, the internet, the world wide web (www) the world; my chiliconcarniewilsons, my enchiladas in all their variations (enchurritos, not a real thing I think), chimichangas and their male counterparts (chimichangos - although changos a spanish word with various meanings and also not a real thing I'm pretty sure) Nachas Del Grande (a dirty play on local references, not the menu off of TACOBELL {that would be Nachos del Grande}, that is so creative and deliciously fun, Oh TACO BELL. What a great year we had. Now 2015.
    If you recall, my little muchos nachos, two weeks ago I had set up a yearly physical appointment. One that I was not too happy about, or eager to keep.  A physical that I couldn't afford a couple of years ago. I did keep it. I went. Since I have been feeling the desire to get things done and not just worry about things that need to be done. I will continue doing what needs to be done to be the person I want to continue to be; a happy individual, that enjoys his life on this plane, assisting anyone whenever possible, because harmony with me is what we will search and find. That is what I see. I can see very well, even now. That is just me and my goal. The body is the mode of transportation for our being; our souls; out intentions. The machine that gets things done for our heart and minds. The vehicle. Time is what passes and while we become what we want to be or fear if not careful and attentive to ourselves and our surroundings (...wow, what was that?) Time will not wait, so what you waiting for?(whaaaa...?)-oh never mind. I was really saying that being physically fit and healthy most certainly falls under the men's health goal I also strive to keep at mawasIdrunk and life (If we don't take care of ourselves, how can we take care of anything or anyone else?-right? right) So I was following through with these goals when I kept my medical appt. this is where strongly suggest to you all; my little chimichangos, I urge all my little macho nacho friends on the interwebs to, not worry, but to definitely schedule medical check-ups with regularity (yearly if possible, twice a year or more if already diagnosed with a medical condition that requires it). See at this appointment two weeks ago, the doctor detected a problem with my eyes. I was sent all over town to get authorizations for further treatments from specialists, while still keeping a full work load, culminating in an urgent laser surgery procedure on Saturday. Fitted in at the last hours of the doctor scheduled works, I am fine now, but where would I be if I hadn't gone in and kept my appointment? what if the doctor hadn't found the small rupture that was found? Happily all things fell into place because I decided to quit complaining and stop making excuses for not doing things ('cause I so love to do just that). I haven't told my close relations how dangerous this finding was because they frighten so easily. I will tell you all, (because I trust you won't alarm my bff's and relatives, since the danger has passed and), because you must know from the bottom of my heart, that you are in charge of how much you want to improve, and care for your life and everything your life comes into contact with. You truly are the commander of your destiny and if you want to be better all you have to do is take the five minutes a day to meditate on how you want your life to be every single day and watch it unfold as such.  I will say I am so thankful and am so fortunate to have found good professional help when I did. I could have easily avoided that by watching tumblr all day, (by all means don't stop tumblin'), and made some justifiable excuse, justifiable to myself anyway, but I did not. I showed up.

                              2015 in the house! -manwasIdrunk

If somebody would have told me, as a five year old, that I would be sitting here one day, recovering from having lasers shot at me I would have said in my 5five year old voice as I turned away from watching my robot television shows, or Charlies Angels: get the heck out of here! (I also would probably be wearing a new unused mop head as wig, or a towel as cape or rolled up around the top 'o my head as if I just got out of the shower, as I often did in those days, when watching t.v. alone but shhhh). However, recovering from having lasers shot at me, at my eye actually, is exactly what I am doing as I sit here, quietly waiting for my ride home. You see I used to love lasers and the sounds they made on movies and television. Here I sit a few minutes after having laser surgery on a retina to correct a troublesome rupture. Wow. In my life I have had laser beams shot at me, and lived to b-l-o-g about it. YAY SCIENCE!

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