Saturday, January 3, 2015


What is going on in this year so far? I bet you guys have a lot of gossip about this new year, the new years' party behavior. Maybe you all have a lot of happiness and hope going into this year 2015. That is a great thing.
Good. I hope you all have tremendous hope, let's keep it that way. Let us be filled with abundant promise in the begining of the year just in case we lack any during the rest of the days that comprise this year. The days that we take on new endevours, and new projects head-on, because that is who we want to be, let those days borrow and remember our abbundance today. We have such a surplus of well being and health that we offer to lend some out to those need it right now. We will be good this year. We will be ready and prepared for almost anything. I am still drinking plenty of water and even manage to work up a sweat by walking a good 30-40 minutes, daily. How about you guys? you ain't slacking off are you? Let's get ready for this year!!!-manwasIdrunk.

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