Saturday, January 10, 2015


It's sprinkling today in the NOHO! It's actually barely sprinkling. What else do you call a few droplettes reaching the sidewalk, and my glasses, sometimes? Not regularly, just barely and sometimes? It is a task that some drops acheived to reach the ground, instead of evaporating into thin air. So yea it's kinda sprinkling in the NOHO. o_O

Okay it is genuinely sprinkling out here in the NoHo, several hours later. It is after 2:00 pm. It has sprinkled enough to have wet streets, now. I wouldn't actually call it rain cause it's not sprinkling enough, but I recommend you stay in if you can, otherwise you will eventually be wet. Today, I am safely riding on the smooth passenger seat B-). Tomorrow is another day and we will see then. Stay warm and drink plenty of water, matter how cold you think it is, hydrate, whatever the weather. Your mind and body will thank you. Hey guys do you mind if I ask: how deep is your love? and can we check it and see? Ooooh you NASTY!-MANWASIDRUNK- stankfingrr2015.

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