Friday, January 9, 2015


Hey hey hey my little taquitos! I hope you all have a clarity of vision to see this whole year for the wonderous opportunity it in reality is. I wish you all the focus to see your ideas and visions come to fruition. May all your wishes and tasks you decide to take on bear fruit. I have a couple of new choices to make, choices that have come to be as I embark on this new year. Choices that will affect how I will spend my journeys this year. I already have a couple of chosen big tasks, tasks that I am going after full force. The other choices will affect how much effort I will have to put to accomplish these initial chosen tasks. In essence; will I have to sleep a little less to have more time getting to, let's say, learn a second language, or spend less time relaxing with friends to have a second or third job? This is the nature of my secondary choices that have come to light in these last two, three days. I am doing great, magnificent even. I am in good spirits, for sure, but life just keeps going and we never really know what is in store for us, do we? I will keep you guys posted, as that is what I do here at manwasIdrunk. I will say that clarity of vision, motivations, desires and past patterns has hardly ever been as up front and in my face as in these past few weeks. 2015! -manwasIdrunk.

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