Sunday, January 11, 2015


Sunday is here and the time is right for dancing in the streets, dancing in the street. Actually it is still a little damp out here in the SoCal, so if you do decide to dance in the street, wear a scarf. I mean wear shoes with a good grip. By all means you can wear a scarf, wear several, but if your shoes are slippery, or too smooth, you may fall. Just saying. I will be dancing and stuff as I have to work, so I may as well dance, right? I will also be prepping for this coming week as I have several appointments, all as a result of the eye trouble I had to adress last year. I have to work around a busy work schedule when attending these appts. I also have to make sure my paperwork is in order, but all of it is still not in my hands, or complete. I am sooo getting into the required frame of mind. I think people around me sense something is going on. I am a little cagey and distracted. HEY MY PUPNTACOS!! 2015!manwasIdrunk.

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