Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hey hey heeeey! What is up my tacos of love??? I have been away because 1- All the birthdays of mine folk have come at once. Birthday cake after birthday cake. Chocolate, lemon (yea wow lemon-I am dreaming of that one now...). Frostings for days and days! Good fortunes, and well wishes for all in a parade of happy foods and piƱatas following a woldwide set o' Holidays! so much feels and emotions that I got a cold. Emotions were too powerful and all my defenses were down when hugging everyone and kissing. I caught a little itchy-coughy bug. It was so worth it. I am still a little tired and wore down, but I will live. How are you all in the land of the living? I hope we are starting our big plans and dealing with the world and life head on. Nothing else would do. Get your body prepared by stretching your legs, your arms and back. Drink plenty of water and let's synchronize our watches It's Sunday...are you ready?

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