Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hey there my sweet and tender hooligans, how goes it in the real world? i certainly hope that all things being what they are, after all has been said and done your past week was amazing fruitful and well worth it. I hope your weekend revealed new levels of comfort and peace that had been kept from you and you now have access to over and over again. I also hope this week is roaring as far as how good it's going. We are listening to Crystal Castles' second album here. I freakin' cannot get enough of them. Yes they are a bit freaky, but good! FREAK OUT if good music is the result. I hope you are enjoying it. I went to go see a movie. Not just any movie but an XMen movie. The new XMen movie. I find it hard to believe that the special effects have been so awesome since the first XMen movie. They have remained pretty consistent, in this department, thankfully. Setting the new standard of quality expected for good a special effects in movies. Along with Transformers, I might add. I love good effects!

Crystal Castles - Baptism 


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