Thursday, June 12, 2014


 Hey fellas. What is going on and on and on?? PHYSICAL WELLNESS, EMOTIONAL GREATNESS, JOY, AND CALM. That is what I hope is going on in your part of the world. From my part of the world to yours for sure.
    I have spent a good couple of days listening to this album and I cannot get enough. I hope If you are one of the many (like myself) that had never gotten a good chance to hear music because of whatever reason, you  do like the opportunity to hear something like Crystal Castles. A band I never hear on the radio or on any media really other than here. I hope you like some of this stuff enough to buy a new cd or download. It is flat out fun and exciting to buy music you want and look forward to owning your own copy of. I LOVE IT. I had not been enjoying or buying much music because of the lack of new stuff I was exposed to. I didn't want any of the contestant winning artists music, sorry but no. I want real stuff being made by people trying to figure out how to communicate and be heard when they may not look like or say what a record company is looking for or what a television casting agent wants to see and hear. So If you don't like this band I hope the next one we play will be of your liking. No hard feelings. We appreciate you guys going through the process with us. Have a good day make 'em count! manwasIdrunk!
     Year of silence is a slinking number creeping and crawling like Marilyn Manson can only do in his best dreams. It's got a manwasIdrunk high count of bodacious hipslinging beats. Booty-swaying shoulder tossing ensue! I've got and idea: LET'S PUT ON A TALENT SHOW Y'ALL!!!

Crystal Castles - Year Of Silence

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