Thursday, June 19, 2014



How is this for a beginning of a song? wistful much? Dreamy? ethereal for sure. This has got to be more than a couple of folks favorite WILCO song. I cannot blame them. It sounds almost perfect, seriously. You can imagine so many things that can hold meaning in this song. It depends on the mood you are in to dictate your opinion on this song. Forgettable is certainly not what this song is, though, of that you can be sure.

I was thinking about how memories and their relation to things puts more, or a heavier meaning to just about anything really and I lost myself in a series of memories for who knows how long. This song is perfect for that type of pondering on any given afternoon. Old friends, come and gone and come again and then gone again. Things we wished we said to people who are no longer in our lives. And then the reality that even if given the opportunity to say what you really wanted, to someone that you weren't able to earlier in your life because you thought you were too cowardly, might in fact take the courage to having all the memories, all the time you seek out these memories consciously or not, as a refuge, as a haven, as a happier time, to not be there for you. Can you imagine the courage to have it all be gone. The courage to no longer have those good times as great memories for the rest of your days. Can you do without your good memories?

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