Monday, June 23, 2014


I would like to take this opportunity to say ...WHAT'S UUUUUPPP!!!!!

It is now Monday and a whole new week is under way. Last week was very interesting. I got so much done and I was surprised and didn't know I would feel like that is just a relief. See, I have been in the process these last couple of years of downsizing. Not painting my kitchen, not updating my bathroom. All of these things, my place could use, I should point out. It is the accumulation of things, however, that is on my mind. I want less things in my life. Oh, I like my things very much, that is not the problemo. It is simply the fact that I can only use so much in this lifetime. I wish I could use all the things I own... all the time. Imagine that: everything all the time (btw, my new favorite phrase; album title-Band of Horses, song lyric-LIFE IN THE FAST LANE). Say that out loud and tell me that doesn't sound awesome! EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. So much fun. Truth is, though that I spend far to much time dusting, cleaning and organizing things instead of enjoying them. I spend way too much time trying to keep my paint supplies, and clay organized and safe, instead of actually painting.

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