Tuesday, June 24, 2014







    It's the PIXIES!!!!
It does not feel right to have this week not feature the joyous assault of Doolittle. It called me, it beckoned, it seemed ideal and I took action. There it sits. It has been blaring from my boombox nonstop these past couple of days. I am quite sure my neighbors (or is that neighbours?- hello UK!). Do not appreciate suddenly hearing the first odd beats of the base to TAME only to find themselves, all to soon, to be a witness to someone tremendously enjoying themselves to a set of songs, ridiculously so over the top, energy-wise. My neighbors are not that near, so please do not worry about that being an assault on them. It is a self-assault, if you will. A fun exorcism of sorts. Besides, it is never too late or to early in the evening in the morning. However, make no mistake, it is undeniable that someone is enjoying themselves a bit too much. This song lends itself to the idea that people are thrashing around a room, violently being tossed from one side of a room to the other. Truth be told, that's not very far off.
I haven't listened to this album much since it came out much, probably because it was such a popular album that we played it every day to ourselves then we played it non-stop whenever we would get together. It was simply put: our favorite album as a group, and as an individual, at least for me. Owning various copies, due to gifting and simply replacing lost, stolen or wore out copies.



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