Monday, June 16, 2014

MONDAY Summer Music

I am trying to break your heart.

this song goes on forever it seems. it doesn't hit you over the head, nope not this band, not this time. A slow steady drumming setting the pace while aural effects are going off all around, the whole time, very low key. when this one long song goes into the baby piano plunking is their way of telling you that their aim is true and their aiming straight for your heart. Jeff Tweedy, has a voice that is not first but you become familiar with it. Soon it's like you've always heard his voice on the radio or television. Like it was always there. you guys like him? or his voice rather? 'disposable dixie cup drinking, leads to lament' should be the headline to this episode.

This is an album that I let slowly become part of my cd collection. It didn't join the rest of my stuff right away. Even after I liked it, and I did like it, a lot eventually. When getting a new band I wait for a second or third album that seem to justify it's place and category: soundtrack, dance music, serious dance music. Is it just a summer fling? something serious, I don't know. We were figuring each other out for a while there. CDs can sit on a shelf or stack, very visible and present until we find their place. This record got written up initially, but I wanted to be sure. It seemed like it didn't really have a set purpose. It didn't seem to want to break any top 20 list. It didn't want to dictate how kids should dress, or what to wear, hat-wise or pant-lenght-wise. It didn't introduce an up and coming MC to pepper a chorus. It instead let the sound effects, low key for the most part, do the peppering. It just existed on its own. Then I got AGHOSTISBORN. I know where this one goes. Sunday Music. Summer Music. Poolside music, pick-nick music. Driving music. AHH SUMMER MUSIC. I hope you guys enjoy this one. -ManwasIdrunk

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