I told you guys i was stretching first thing in the morning to get the body going, right? I mentioned that t one of the reasons I was doing that besides the feeling way better aspect was the fact that I have been waking up sore, yes? Sore . I feel like I've been doing exercises all day before (I promise you, I have not). All this is true. Hope some of you are joining me. Because I intend to feel great!
    Listen up my chimichangos, I have decided to add a new item of things I am doing to stay fit. Are you guys ready for this? Are you guys ready to join me? Great! Get ready for... Jazz Dancing!!!- It's fun, it's healthy, you can dress as funny as you like (picture clown college co-ed dances), and best of all it's free. You don't have to pay for membership, you don't have to borrow money. You just have to be careful no one sees you when you are mid shimmy/neck-rolling.
    I was inspired by a movie currently airing on cable: BREAKING. It was a very influential movie from my point of view. Till this day I have friends that dress up as if they were extras on this movie, ready to pop 'n' lock their lives to fame and fortune. I don't actually believe they perform do this style of dancing if asked of them. They sure look the part, though. So inspired was I by watching this movie over the weekend that I have incorporated this into my routine. I believe I can shimmy and shake with the best of them. My shoulders have learned to deliver a firm statement with a crisp snap! Pop, bitches! I have almost got the high kick down. I feel like the times I've landed a kick on my face with a flat thud are truly worth it, for sure. I just feel like I improve at kicks and bounds. I flashdance some, also, just to mix things up a bit. I feel it is just matter of time before this goes viral. I plan to be on the forefront this time around. Look for me , I've taken to wearing a rolled up bandanna, olive green of course, I hope to start posting videos soon.