It's quite alright to want to change the world. Change your world. It really is. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. That is in reality what it truly is, right? Your world.
    There are tons of things I would change in this world given the opportunity. I am not gonna lie. I don't like the way many things work out better for some, worse for others depending on the given factors surrounding your birth. I am honest when it comes to these matters. I also am aware of the fact that I alone, cannot change the world all by my lonesome. I can however ask that people help make the world a better place. I can ask for help. I do not think it is impossible to change the world. I do not agree with people that say we are so fucked. We are in a downward spiral. 
    That should be evident by the positive nature of this blog manwasidrunk. It is not called I AM SOO FUCKED UP! I couldn't possibly be able to post daily if I truly was drunk everyday, all the time. Correction, I suppose I could post daily still, but can you imagine the quality of posts? If you think posts aren't as good as they could be, can you imagine if I was soo fucked up? It speaks of going forward regardless of how messed up I was, regardless of whether I know where I left my pants last night. Regardless of how many shared my bed. This is today. I actively want to belong and direct the path we take as a society. I hope some of you want to belong to this world, also. I am actually quite sure you do, so let's not work in isolation. Let's share our ideas, our hopes, let's work together. What do you say? READY?