Monday, February 10, 2014


    I have been feeling pretty good after stretching everyday. I must also point out that one of the reasons I started doing this is because i started feeling sluggish after the holidays. Not only that, besides feeling sluggish and slowed down, I also felt a bit sore at my core. My legs hurt to do certain things like bending over and I felt sore at the waist first thing in the morning. I attribute this to a slight weight gain. I intend to solve this issue. Stretching is one way I am doing this. Walking longer or more often is yet another way I will address this. Now I have to ask you guys, are you ready?

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm (Full Album)

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm (Full Album)              


    When picking your battle, pick to fight for something you believe in. If you like puppies and feel there are too many homeless puppies, do not try to take in all the homeless puppies. This is a giant undertaking. This is also a big mistake as people that care nothing about puppies will promptly drop off their unwanted puppy litter at your door, instead of getting their doggy fixed, neutered. Do find a way to make sure puppies are taken care of in your neighborhood, given their shots, and not mistreated by showing up to neighborhood meetings and affecting the enforcement of pet owner ordinances,it is as easy as copied (for record keeping purposes) emails or anonymous letters to legislators. You can also effect change by becoming educated on local ordinances regarding the maintenance and monitoring on the growing number of puppy mills. Some of these are terrible homes and conditions for puppies to live in while they are adopted at ridiculously high prices, for profit. That is just one of hundreds of causes awaiting some attention by caring and concerned citizens.

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