Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday- Shameless on Showtime.

   Should I explain myself when I speak of the overbearing thing that is an election season? I was talking about a commercialism that is prevalent during a political season, now this is not a Christmas type of commercialism, the kind you can ignore for a couple of weeks and it is done. The kind of commercialism you sleep in during black Friday, because you were raised right, this is not, I say. This is the kind of commercialism that will have at the very least a couple of years of life and impact. When these commercials are done and numbers tallied, new government policies will be in place. I say new because some politicians have decided to not let things be as we vote for them, some politicians have decided to turn back our choices. Things that we thought were a given, things that we voted for, are being changed, rescinded, or flat out ignored. Don't just sit idly by and let things happen, make things happen. Participate. Join. Belong. Are you ready?- manwasidrunk.

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