Hey my chimichangos!! Let me ask you something have you registered to vote yet? I know it seems like it is far away, you know. The voting issue, is not that far away, before you can say: millionaire liars club!, we will be voting. I look forward to spending an afternoon in some small church basement that is converted into a voting site, talking with some neighbors I otherwise wouldn't get to ever know. The cat-lover, the dog-lover, the ever present too-much-cologne-sexy lover-lover. Yes, some neighbors are grumpy shut-ins (or at least I've wished some of them really were), but its good to know whom the grumpy ones are. It comes in useful during Halloween, or other times you need to go around knocking on peoples' front door (mental note* houses you avoid in case the robot-apocalypse happened ). So start thinking about what you'd like to wear to meet and greet the neighbors that we've become more and more removed from (in some cases that is a good thing, but generally no, not really). Neighbors' perception of you is kind of important (wait wait hear me out), especially because of the fact that you may need a favor some day, or if you are the sexy lover-lover type. You want that to come across, loud and clear no better way that a basement meet and greet. You know what I mean? OK fellas, so just keep that in the back of your mind, 'must register to vote', set aside an afternoon to be spent in some, yet to be determined, converted garage, dank basement and be friendly to neighbors, have sexy-sexy outfit on standby, always. You got this. You are ready.