Sunday, February 9, 2014


     I am still in the process of deciding if this new heavier weight of mine is one that is here to stay, that is to say that if exercising will not bring it down over time, it is in fact here to stay. If that is the case and I will not know for several weeks, I must decide if dieting is a route  I want to take. My diet as it stands is not terrible, I mean I eat well, I simply eat too much. That is what is coming up here at manwasidrunk#the personal edition. Are you ready?

    I like the idea of remaining active socially, in your government even, or rather especially in a social manner. That is to say the idea of becoming and staying involved with government, be it local, state, or the more ambitious and all encompassing federal government, appeals to me greatly. By becoming or remaining involved in a social manner with something as potent and everchanging as government makes it easier to manage and handle. It doesn't become overwhelming and it will not be so shocking when some new legislation comes up or when a politician starts making his way up the political ladder.

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