Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Always be prepared for greatness, great things, cause you just never know what awaits. At any given time, just around the corner, you might trip over whom or whatever reason you've been put on this planet for. As hard as it seems sometimes, make sure to stay positive. Be brave and try not to worry. Don't worry about death or dying in some horrible freak accident. No one gets out alive. Someone's always dying. Good and bad things will always happen, always, it's our reaction to things that makes us who we are. And If you don't like who you've become, well today is as good as any day to change. Are you ready?
      Join me. Let's begin this journey with a happy and full heart ready for the greatest love affair, one that involves acceptance of an individual as who they are as well as what you'd like them to be. Accept yourself for the average wimpy child who cried too much or pee'd everywhere or talked funny and also for the good man you've become. Who will sacrifice convenience to make this a better place.

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