Friday, February 7, 2014


    I find that getting ready for a political season is not so much a particular time of the year ( though it helps to not be physically immobilized by turkey or christmas ham). It is more a state of being prepared for public mud slinging by politicians and people forcing their beliefs on others.  Yes, that includes a persons desire to not believe in science, or another persons belief in regards to dairy products. Both are very important to to an individuals personal set of beliefs, I get that, seeing as I have my very own set of quirky beliefs that I have been developing the older I get. *I feel that at this stage I should point out that I am not that old to begin with, I'm a regular spring chicken I should say. My beliefs are in no doubt, bound to change again, seeing how young I truly am. In any event, I know we will begin to hear so much trash-talk during this season, that one must truly get mentally prepared for the onslaught. Newspaper headlines and full page analysis, magazine covers, billboards, the phrase " I endorse this message" after every other commercial. Yes, these commercials that just keep coming.
    I get it, that it can be a bit much, is seriously putting it mildly. It's deafening, maddening, overbearing, crushing, overcrowding, and claustrophobic, a political season is all of these and so much more. What it is not, is the time to bury your head in the sand. It is not the time to be intimidated by loud, garish commercialism. Because it is coming. Any way you look at it it is going to be here. This is not so bad if you prepare for it. Know what I mean? Take a deep breath and take a minute to wrap your head around this idea, that we are about to go into a time where we get to decide which direction our government shall take. We may get new policies to vote on, new ideals, new approaches. We are fortunate in that manner. Many other place don't get such an opportunity. Many, many times, though, we waste the opportunity because we get overwhelmed, we may feel we are not knowledgeable enough in a particular area or about a particular politician to vote. We may feel that our vote doesn't count. All of these are not even close to being enough of a reason to let such an honor, and privilege pass you by. Let's just mentally start getting there, nothing to crazy or overwhelming what do you say, are you ready?

- maswasidrunk

Hercules (1958) - Full Length Movie

Hercules (1958) - Full Length Movie

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