Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday- So many comercials on the air for companies that have horrible treatment for employees and communities. GET REAL.

Blue Magic - Sideshow

    Some people feel lonely while in the middle of a relation. Some people might feel more lonely when in the midst of a relation than when they were single. I can understand this. I have seen couples where the one or both seem so unhappy and lonely. Maybe they don't communicate any longer. Maybe they forgot how to communicate with each other and see past their differences. Maybe they resent not being single and idealize that state. I think it is hard to know oneself, let alone what it is that another emotionally changing, evolving human being is feeling or experiencing, if they don't know how to express these changes. I sometimes feel lonely and wish more than anything to be in a relation. It is only natural as we are very social beings. But if it hasn't happened I will not throw myself into harmful situations or relations (not that I haven't in the past, how else would I know what is harmful or toxic, as sexy as all out? sound advice? PLEASE, give us the risk any day) any more.
    When I hear songs that are done so well and can evoke emotions and reactions enough to change our moods, it astounds me. Music is so powerful and our ability to communicate via sound and image cannot be underestimated. Music can quite simply bring you down. The wrong music can shut a party down real quick.  It also surprises me that some people haven't figured out that just like some music can depress you and feel lonely or more lonely, music can also lift you
    I know when I long to listen to a sad love song, one that I hear repeatedly, in my head only, it usually means that I am feeling lonely. It is natural and to be expected. I am okay with being single but sometimes that means feeling lonely. It doesn't mean go out and get reckless emotionally and sexually. I have. When I hear a song in my head and I feel sad I like to purge it out. Play the song and acknowledge the loneliness. I know many people feel this and don't know what it is or how to address it. I will not allow myself this denial. I accept it. I play the song over and over until my hearts content or sobbing (hardly the later...anymore). I take it as a challenge. I know we get lonely, and it's okay. I know we get sad and that is also okay. Let it out. Remember, though, that just like there exist songs to bring you down, there are songs that can lift you high as high can possibly go.
     I also remind me that I am enough just the way I am. I don't have to change for anyone, and if I don't get coupled (many people don't, v true), I will be fine. You will be fine. Many, many people have lived and will continue to live extraordinarily full lives, free of partners. You can be full of love and love with your full heart all people dear to you. You can live so happy, also, you never actually know when love may come calling you, it still just might. May I remind you, though, you are enough, just the way you are, and having someone else say it doesn't make it any more real. It is real. KEEP ON ROCKIN' (listen to the slow songs for sure, just don't forget the happy ones too)

The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup


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British Army lads

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