Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hey guys! check this out (in my best Conan O'brien voice). Look who made a new grooming video. These videos are pretty relaxing, for myself and my various personalities. This guy ( makes different types of videos, as do many other people. I prefer the grooming whispering videos. I can listen to these in the middle of the day and get relaxed, enough to quiet my mind and am recharged soon after. Ready to go for it, whatever it is. If you are having trouble sleeping or staying asleep, try this on for mellowing down. Related to his vids are different voices and genders, and role playing!!!! So much fun. I literally fall asleep shortly after listening to these.

ASMR Male Grooming Session ~ Beard Trim & Haircut

   If I was that kind of person, and this was that kind of blog, manwasidrunk the musical imposer, this is the song I would have play every-time you view manwasidrunk:  (song follows).

Boston- More than A Feeling

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