Thursday, August 15, 2013


Hey everybody, you know those times when you say you're gonna do something before going to bed and you think you are going to do it. You swear you know you can get it done in time (anyone doing this wishful thinking for their homework?). So you try to not worry about it, and you watch some television; some powerpuff girls, some American idle, you know the times, right? Last night that was me.
    I know that happened a lot in my life, so I quit postponing stuff, and did it earlier rather than later. I just know myself better and I like to see stuff done. I love that. I get such a kick off of seeing stuff that I finished, completed. It doesn't always have to be perfect or even great. My issue was with finishing stuff. I can prevent that from happening, most of the time, now. Last night, was the culmination of starving myself all day. I didn't get distracted watching swamp huffers or skunk people, you will be happy to know. Last night was the culmination of starving myself all day throughout the week. I kept putting off eating right and getting full by tossing some junky food down my throat to keep me distracted. I avoided making a full meal that would satisfy all week long. I just kept waiting to see what showed up on the table, and attacked. Full on attack, really sugary-fryed type food. I surprised myself often at dinner time by showing up with bags of take out food, and pretended I didn't know what was being served. It was fun, I'll be honest. Last night, though, I had enough, and decided to cook up something healthy and delicious, with all the sides, and bread, so delicious I had it twice. By the time I was done, I was ready for a nap. I didn't take a nap, I thought about posting something real funny on manwasidrunk, while I lay down, yup, I was laying down while I was thinking. I woke up several hours later.
    I usually try to have something prepared in case I fall behind, as I have been known to do this. I didn't have anything prepared. I was unprepared. Sorry.
    During, a break, now, I post this, and try to convince you guys that: man was I drunk, if I still drank the same way I used to. I guess I was drunk, though, drunk on mashed potatoes and some grilled veggies, onions some bread, dessert, and a marinade to kill for. I will make some salad dressing with all the flavors I want to add, because it is so easy, and much lighter to handle that the heavier sides, next time, though. Have a great day you guys. Make it happen! Oh lemonade! I'll make some lemonade super easy and so much lighter than the normal fare. It's hot enough though, to enjoy all day, all day! Enough you guys, see ya later.

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