Tuesday, August 13, 2013


What is up my sweet and tender taquitos-fajitos. How was your weekend, and are you guys having fun so far this week? I have been busy looking out for available jobs, and as you can imagine, I've got not much in the good news department. Big companies are operating and behaving like big companies.
I know I am resposible for how my life takes shape and unfolds, for the most part. I know there are consequences to drinking and driving. If I opt to do that, by failing to plan ahead, or not planning properly, I have made a choice to possibly alter my life in a very negative manner. That is just a matter of being truthful. I know that if I don't actively do things, to make my life and my world better, maybe on a daily basis, maybe more, maybe less, (depending on my state of mind and available time and energy). There is a great chance that my life, and my world may not improve. That, again is just a matter of accepting resposibilty for my life and being honest with the me that hates social injustices. I do not have to hate if I know that I am doing a little every day to change and forge a better place for myself and for anybody who may not have the energy, the strength, the willpower, the know-how, or the youth (there will always be somebody, older, you can always be young, or younger than) to do it. Today for me tomorrow, for you as the old nahuatl saying goes ( * probably, more than likely not nahuatl).




My Morning Jacket - Golden

My Morning Jacket - Golden

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My Morning Jacket - *Golden* - Red Rocks (August 4, 2012) 




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