Thursday, August 1, 2013


 Environment, global warming, importance of religious leanings when legislating on environment.- some of the topics that interest me tremendously.

     Man was I drunk

I find it very interesting, to be looking at jobs again in this job market. By interesting I mean maddening. Frustrating. I know the market is just awful, and the last thing I want is to be looking for employment. Applying for work right now is so fucking terrible. Employers make you feel like they are doing you a favor, it's not a favor. It's employment. You agree to do a service for an agreed upon price. Right now the price being agreed upon is designated by the employer, most definitely. That's okay considering the economic situation. We may have to accept the pay. It is not a favor, though. It is not an interest free loan. Please do not take for granted these workers, in these difficult times.
    I see a change in the near future and it makes sense, somehow that companies act so distant; removed from their employees, but it can't possibly be good. It doesn't seem right, is what I'm saying.

Please, always remember to clean up after yourself at the beach.

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