Sunday, August 4, 2013


    It's true, I thought as I transplanted a plant that was given to me to care for: we consider ourselves to be unique snowflakes in this snowstorm of a world we call casa. Unique. I shall explain. I like to, when possible, (living space and condition), save my coffee grounds after I have drank myself to fully awakened mode. I store them in a small container until I've gathered a weeks worth and make a small mulch batch. I do this adding leaves, eggshells (green waste with no traces of any cooking oil). I can usually gather enough in a month to make a small batch of mulch, after time enough to mature (decompose) has passed. This stuff is amazing. This makes the best additive for new plants, transplanted plants from one pot to a fresher, different or bigger pot. I also like to reuse the coffee filters and place them at the bottom of new pot plantings, when the soil may be to sandy, in order to avoid too much soil loss. This is my own spin, that I put on mulching. I carefully save my old coffee filters for this.purpose proudly. Less waste y'all!! I am aware that this is somewhat messy, if you're not careful. It's something that you either can do and enjoy, or you prefer to avoid and prefer the store bought variety, it's all good. As you may be able to tell, I dig it. I find it seriously helps a plant to get to gettin'. To continue: I was removing this gift plant from the old pot because it desperately needed fresh soil, the cali sun can be brutal, I was working fast, as I feared the sun might warm up too quickly. Expertly, I popped out the plant as I had mentioned and this foreign plant, new to me, for sure, slides out with such ease, I am holding in my gloved hand the root for a sec, when I recognized the standard size coffee filter holding the root together. HEY, I think that's my thing! I hadn't really even shared that idea with anyone. I didn't think I held some kind of patent on the practice, but I did think, that was my thing. Once again great minds think alike. I wonder if the person that planted the pot using coffee filters thought that was their thing. I repeat, we are more similar than we are different.

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