Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday Nov 2, 2016

Wednesday is here my chimichangos, where did the week go? Halloween just swept us up and away now we're in the middle of the week and I'm still in some form of costume or get-up. It happens every year, I cannot let the holiday go away so easy. This year was a little bit more scary than most because of the up coming election next Tuesday. We have a Republican nominee for president that's flat out scary with ineptitude. Many people may vote by fear anger and good ol' hatefulness.  Sadly we have a good part of the population that is part scared and fearful of a future of their own party's making. Hate mongers simply have a public voice in Trump, one they've been missing for a few decades. Haters gonna hate. They now have a celebrity that out diva'd and out - shouted all other party candidates. Good luck with that. I like my president to be a professional, not some shouting, pouting bully of reality television. Such is our modern turmoil now. Let's cross our fingers and vote accordingly. Manwasidrunk.

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