Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Nov 25, 2016

Chimichangos! Glad to be posting some text, recent updates and technical glitches had us scurrying about trying to find a way to post text these last few days. A little help from the help desk and voilĂ ! TEXT. what's uuuup??? Happy post Thanksgiving food coma y'all! I am sooo thankful for survival of that food overload. I hope most of you guys had the day off, but I feel for you if you didn't (I've been there, sadly). It's Friday Chimichangos! So if you are back to work like me: TGIF WootWoot. Let's do this craziness, are you guys ready for the rest of the holidays? Well C'mon then! Manwasidrunk

Wearing proper footwear for the holiday running around season.

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