Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Nov 14, 2016

I'm rereading a classic, in my used hardcover copy of Music For Chameleons. I found this in the 80's. I've loved this so much. I need a break from this time period I need to breathe and catch my breath. Sunday I took this picture on the metro Redline. On the floor of my seat was a used "I voted" sticker. Stuck there, for who knows how long. I'm not removing it. It remains there to remind,  whomever needs reminding. Vote. This system, is a democracy and you need to invest time and emotions. I strongly suggest that like with any love and life in general, get involved. Even if you feel destroyed and don't want to talk to anyone about anything for weeks, hell forever, after it's over and done. Get involved. Better to participate and loose than just watch life go by from a safe distance. Get dirty, allow for vulnerability, you feel whole when the pain passes, if you lost. Pretty soon we have to work at cleaning the inevitable mess that hate and rascism allowed to pass. Oh, it was a hate crime, voting with hate is a reality, such a thing does happen, I believe that voting out of anger and voting out of hope is the difference between both major parties. Let's take a deep breath and get ready to get your hands dirty. I will breathe in Music for Chameleons. Are you guys ready? Come on, come on, yes I know, my chimichangos, but it is still Monday.

Local Dollar Tree Just got a little more ghetto…

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