Sunday, November 6, 2016

Monday Nov 6, 2016

Heeeere we gooooooo! It is your Monday before election Tuesdays people! Tomorrow is the election, can you believe how quickly it came? Can you imagine a new president tomorrow, after 8 years of our first  African-American POTUS, after Obamacare? Wow the ending of an era. A new period will begin shortly, we've got some great work ahead. We've got some repairs to attend to in the fabric of our unity. We're a force, these United States of America, we're finally getting closer to being honest about our racist past, and it's effects. We're going into the future as a leader and we've gotta come clean about our ability to be inclusive. We can do this! It's just our future. We've got this,  are you guys ready? Manwasidrunk


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