Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday Nov 16, 2016

That is correct my tiny chimichangos, out of the space/time continuum Monday, The super- band TEMPLE OF THE DOG played, and I was lucky enough to attend. TEMPLE OF THE DOG are basically super because they are composed of the band Pearl Jam + Soundgarden singer, Chris Cornel. They were truly amazing! Chris' gift to the world: his voice, has lost none of its potency and reach. What a set of lungs! It was the nearest one can get to time travel, I swear. Watching this group, and people walking around with t-shirts from that era, it was, if you squinted your eyes, like going back to the good ole 1990's. I didn't want to think about how good popular music was, compared to today, it was however too obvious a fact to ignore. Unless you prefer synthetic vocalizing and prefabricated music, in which case, today's music is waaay better, hands down, LOL. They played some covers, some stuff off of Singles soundtrack (a beautiful Seasons). The banter about that time in music, all in all a rocking good time. Memories are made of this! It's Wednesday tiny dancers, don't forget to check out the pictures I posted late yesterday, also Garth Brooks (talking about the time period), on Jimmy Kimmel. Are you guys ready? Well come on, forget finding your lucky pair of croc sandals, you won't need them today, it's Wednesday, humpday, besides we need to talk about them sandals and how they mysteriously disappeared. Manwasidrunk.

I feel like there’s a correlation here

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