Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Nov 21, 2016

Gooooood Monday morning! My little tangy lemon bars, we got some rain out here in SoCali, USA. I got all wet on Sunday in the Downtown Los Angeles area (DTLA), yesterday. We are scheduled to have a great day and an awesome week with Thanksgiving happening this Thursday. I am pretty excited. I am actually very excited for the opportunity to celebrate with loved ones this year, like previous years. I am very aware that many are not at all excited about the prospect of spending a whole day with friends and family, maybe even terror-stricken. I am also aware that many are not as fortunate and do not have somewhere to go or people to share this time of year with. My heart goes out to you. I feel I should share that this was not always a pleasant season for me. The being able to enjoy myself and people around me factor didn't happen until I got older, when I allowed me to be happy and accepting people around me as loving individuals. So hang in there if you are dreading this time of year. It gets so much better. I am so surprised that I am this excited,  but it only came with time. Hang in there and keep being open to love and high heels (they make you look much taller). Alright guys are you guys ready? MONDAYS!  Manwasidrunk

Sunday in the Downtown Los Angeles,  rain.

“ Allan Kustanovich (@allanrk)

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