What a wondrous and surprising world we live in. I am humbled.
   My dear taquitos del monte (roughly translates to ' little tacos of the hill'), how has the year been treating you? Have you been pushed to new levels of joy, been cornered into wild wonderment? Not yet? How about seeing yourself in the lowest of the lowest levels of loneliness? Complete despair?  Okay I may not be seeing myself there yet, but how come it feels that way on some days? I thank the skies for not finding myself at my lowest. I am ,also so endlessly thankful that I have the perspective to be able to tell that I have seen worse, but seeing so many people around me, people that I care for, suffering does take a toll on me. This year, so young, has been so serious and somber making it seem easy to take this year as gloomy and dark. And then one of these lovely people suffering terrible pains, told me 'funny how we can so easily be gone' he continued' We can so easily be nothing'. This was his reaction to feeling a whole night of severe pain and fearing the worse, I am sure. He looked utterly tired, older than two days ago, and smaller even. He was happy, though. He was happy the pain had subsided, he was happy to be alive, to see us and tell us how he cared for us. He had sincere relief in his eyes and you forget,sometimes how fragile we are with all the posturing and bullying we do. Something about raw human honesty allows us to see the endless wonder we are are capable of achieving. I saw it, firsthand,  I was a witness. All at once I was a humbled. I felt like the view I was taking on the world was a bit narrow and limited. There may be bad times going on at this moment, things I can do nothing about. I have to let those things just be. I am also aware that there are things that I can influence the outcome on, and these are the things I should pour my positive energy into. I am happy to say that I have great times ahead this whole year and many to come. While I may not have been as prepared as I'd like to be, always, I know I will look at the world with clear bright eyes. How about you guys, are you ready? Let's do this thing called life.-ManwasIdrunk.