Wednesday, September 25, 2013


    DUDES!!! I mean seriously there is so much music coming out of every corner of this world that I can't even begin to imagine where would I start rattling off some of the sounds and styles that have not made it to the radio because the radio stopped caring and seems to have gone on a diet of all new music. What's the deal? Everyone I know that has a decent taste in new music, cannot agree what the new sounds or path music is on. It seems to begin anywhere and go everywhere. It can go literally anywhere!
    I am a little older than my days of experimental noise. I am the first to say that my taste in music is hardly avante garde, but I know tired sounds and trite voice manipulations as gimmicks when I hear them. This may be the most exciting time in history for those of us that managed to remain alive now, and all we get is tired-ass artists, that don't even attempt to make sense of this chaotic era in time. Artists that seem unable to grasp the importance of this time and it's development. I feel cheated!! What about the offspring of punk, disco, metal??
     Music and art should reflect the world we live in, right? All we get is___________ (fill in any reality television 'star', or current artist in charts...)The near future is definitely gonna be affected by the choices and actions (or lack thereof ), that we make now. JUMP IN. TAKE A CHANCE. SAY SOMETHING. I'm not saying that the music you listen to will change the world. I am saying the music and art you listen to and follow and make can affect and infect anything and everything in due time.
                          SOME NEW MUSIC.

                                    SOME OLD MUSIC


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