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Hey there my little enchurritos, how are things going there where you live? Are things going great or better than great?? I truly, honestly hope that is the case. But may I remind you, that if that is not the case, if you are not where you need to, or want to be in your life, location or emotion-wise, while you live and breathe, you have the capacity and the ability to change that. When we are gone, is a whole different story, filled with memories of us, real or imagined, gossip about us, again real or creatively and maliciously ( I might add, I don't do half the shit attributed to me, except the silly shit, that's very true) made by others. So while you can do something about your likes and dislikes, and the things you wish were different: DO IT! change what you have in your ability to change, that you don't like. What you cannot change??, don't even worry about it. It is wasted energy.

    If you have things you'd like to change, but find yourself too tired to change the awful things in your life, this is a good time to evaluate what you are spending so much valuable energy on. What relations are toxic and long overdue for an overhaul. Friends that only take and take and never want to give or share: A drain. Friends that only talk and talk and love the sound of their own voice and never want to hear your point if view or allow you to vent: A drain. If you have associates or friends that only wants you guys to go to hang at places that they approve of soley, without your input: Big Drain. Friends that don't allow you to be yourself, whether it's by insisting your drinking match theirs or friends that are only happy when their choice of music plays: Both, DRAINS.
    There are so many drains to your energy, that at manwasidrunk, I'd like it to be a place where positivity is accepted and encouraged. BRING IT!!, by all means, bring it on, amigos. You are truly welcome here.
Any free time you may have, is a good time to evaluate these trouble relations. Any time is a good time to whittle away at problems and drains in your life. Save your energy for the things you want to exist and bring to you, and not the things that you feel in your deepest of emotions and senses that have had their time and place, and maybe that time is over. Just saying, it's something to consider if you have any free thinking time.













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