Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday -Why do some big companies not want to improve the neighborhoods they operate out of?

Still looking for a job, because my current schedule is crazy!!! I like it well enough, but the schedule is torture and the commute a killer, a time killer. My time, my choice.

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Don't be afraid to wear neon colors. There are some indiginous peoples in latin america, and people from many parts of the world, really, that have incorporated neon and flourescent colors into their everyday wear. Sometimes these colors are mixed with black or are sewn onto a black colored cloth. Not always, but sometimes, this makes these eye-catching colors just stand out all the more. You really get an amazing treat for the eyes when presented with these colorful displays. I really get a kick out of these electrifying colors, always have. The first time I saw these colors being worn was back in the mid 1980's, during the "new wave" heyday They endured for a couple of seasons. Singers wore them and soon it was the colors of the new wave flag. It was short lived (in my eyes). The fad soon went away.

I have some news for you guys. You will never guess, though, what is baaaack? NEON COLORS! The fad is back. Seeing as this is proven to be just a fad, a pretty kewl one I dare say, but fads go away. I suggest that if you have the slightest desire or curiosity to wear any of these oranges, greens, pinks or yellows, do it now. Tomorrow may be out of style and you will have trouble finding the perfect item. Right this very minute you can find sunglasses, pump heels, gloves, phone cases (totally unique to this age), t-shirts, shoes. You get the idea. If you can buy it, you can probably get it in a neon color.

Go ahead and put on something in a color that says "hey everybody! Look at me". When you've got their attention, that's when you can show the boys what you got. Show them what you are made of and what you are not too embarsassed do, by the glint in your eye, when you coyly wink a "hello there, boyz" BAM!- Just saying if you've been eyeing any neon clothing and wonder if it's for you, do it now, that it's fashionable, while you still don't have to visit Latin America (unless you want to, and why wouldn't you), to purchase these colors. Go on, give it a go. I costantly carry items in the green tone, if you had any querries about my choice on the subject. Green, no real surprises there, from the looks manwasidrunk! has taken.But try it, maybe the pink? I dig the orange,also. MAnwasidrunk

Ben Davis

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