Thursday, September 5, 2013


Oh my chimi chimi cocoa pops, I have great news: it's already shaping up as a good week. I know many of you find that hard to believe, but believe it. It is good all over, so cheer up, and stay posted. It's happening...
I have to commend all those folks out there that have either somehow managed to remain young, regardless of their age. I know it can be a bitch trying to retain that sense of child-like wonder at the amazing things this world has to offer, the simple and magical things in life, things like sunsets and gentle cool breezes. The wonder of plant life, the difference in so many varieties. Now we're not talking about being, or behaving childish (that's a little different, and far far too common, just wait in line anywhere, anytime, for anything, and sooner or later that behavior will emerge from some one, without fail) I applaud the young at heart. Whether you managed to remain young or reattained youth, in these serious times, BRAVO. When so many people have just given up on enjoying life, as it would seem, you run toward it with glee, a bicycle or roller skates and/or a skateboard. Let's do this!


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