Tuesday, September 3, 2013




    Well well well, my little chimichangos, long time no speaky da english. Translation: How are you guys?
I haven't had words with you guys for a hot second and look at what happens!! ManwasIdrunk gets a whole new look. It's almost like a little G I Joe doll that can change clothes every so often it's so much fun. I hope you guys like it. And the goldfish?!?! you can scroll your mouse over them and feed them (Oh go on, try it, it's fun, you can feed them every day!). It was a long weekend out here in The USA, if you weren't forced to work, by forced I mean had no choice. So I hope that whether you were working or were off this weekend it was still good, and if it wasn't, please don't hold on to any resentments over it, write down your issue and then take the piece of paper and let it go and release any ill will you had, and just enjoy the rest of the week, 'cause it's gonna be a beauty, hot as a desert and delicious like a dessert. Are you ready?








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