Wednesday, September 11, 2013


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The only thing to rival birthday cake? Birthday Pie!! Hello!! My dear sweet and sour pie pieces, how have you been? I truly hope you are taking good care of yourselves and each other, checking in on your elderly neighbors and stuff.
Hey fellas
I would just like to remind you guys that no matter where you live, upscale part of town, or the part of town that has few trees, parks, public greenery and is generally more likely to have discarded plastic bags and sun-bleached trash mixed in with the blowing winds (you'll recognize the description if you know the areas, right?). The fact is that it doesn't matter what part of town you were born into, or what part you may have grown up in, if you have the right guidance and leadership. If you have someone with a positive attidude to show you the workings of this world, easy thing, right? A very important, thing I need to mention, though, something that I cannot stress enough, regardless of where you live: participate in the neighborhood. I like to pick up random trash on the street, whenever possible, whenever I am not in a gteat
This is just one thing I was thinking, you guys (yea that's always fun here), and decided to share some things that I like to do. Maybe you can find something of value in this and maybe you will just like the way it sounds. Whichever you decide, may you have a great day and a beautiful week full of pleasant surprises and of goals set and met. MANWASIDRUNK.

When not in a hurry I will pull up overgrown weeds from a public garden, the kind that makes a garden suffer by draining nutrients and water. A simple thing that helps nature along. I pull it, shred its leaves and stem, then throw it right back on the soil to feed other more productive plants. Public gardens placed near bus stops or busy areas are the easiest to get abused and become ugly because of the simple fact that traffic can cause damage. Luckily, it is easily repaired; damage undone, if you want, I mean.

     I hope your week is going great that all the things that didn't get resolved last week are getting resolved or put in their place. I have a feeling this change in the air; the weather and in life as we live it, will be for the better.

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